Our core values provide a moral compass for our staff.  They help us decide on the right course of action, regardless of the challenges we may face.


Our strategies, decisions and action today are guided by a desire to create a strong, iconic, and enduring organisation.

We own our decisions

Decisiveness fuels our momentum and focus.  Having the freedom to make and own decisions creates entrepreneurship and accountability.

We own our quality

Through investing in the best facilities, people, technology and processes, we raise the bar and exceed customers’ expectations every day.

We own our responsibilities

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, team members, communities and shareholders who believe in our journey.

We own our education

We actively seek to improve our personal competencies, and realise that educational qualifications help open doors to further employment and advancement for Maori.

We own our continuous improvement

To remain relevant in a competitive market, we are constantly testing and assessing our processes to ensure we are efficient and effective.

We own our technology

We embrace key emerging technologies to avoid becoming industry laggards.

We own who we are

Our unique whanau and tikanga make Nga Tai O Te Awa, Nga Tai O Te Awa. This culture is our most treasured asset and is at the heart of our past, our present and our future.